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2024 Chili Cook Off

This is one of our favorite events! We bring everyone together to kick off the new year and enjoy paintball! If you have ever wondered or want to play a big game this is a great introduction to that style. We break everyone up into 2 teams and play elemination style games on all the playing fields.

This year we had over 100 players and eneddd up with 9 chilis. Let me tell you that these big post of chili were all amazing! Some were sweet and some were spicy! After the judging everyone lined up to get a taste and fill there bellies with warm chili!!

We teamed up with Nothing Bunt Cakes to add a sweet twist to our already savory event. They had the crowd in awe at their amazing cakes.

Our winner this year was non other that Westly Bell. His hit all the tastebuds and was one of the best chilis we have ever had. It was amazing to say the least. We have this event every year. If you missed out on this one make sure you get things together and attend the 2025 Pew Pew & Poo Poo Chili cook off!

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