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Scotty D's Annual Pew Pew & PooPoo

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Avid and our first event of the new year! Nothing gets the year started like chili and paintball! This year was not a let down as we had 11 different types of chili. We have chili from Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma at this years event and they were all delicious.

Paintball kicked off at 10am with some Hyperball games. Then the action transferred to the other fields that Avid offers. Over 100 players joined together to bring a day of fun, food, and smiles. It was a quick wrap up at around 3pm. Most of the people were so full from all the chili they wanted to hang out during the lunch break.

This years judging was a simple blind judging with the original 3 judges from past event. Each bowl came out and we were all drooling to get a bite. The top 4 spots were picked and re tested to get a winner. After careful deliberation and bite after bite the winner has bee picked.

Carrie Martin #10 was the winner! It was an amazing bite of chili that hit all the categories. She knew what she was up against as Chris Davis has won this event 2 times in a row. He came in with a close 2nd. This makes Carries 2nd Chili Cookoff win. Her and Chris both hold Champ Champ titles!! Who will be the 2023 Champion?

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