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avid paintball league

Welcome to the APL! This league is built on stand alone events and not a series. We will be offering multiple formats to incorporate all types of players. Oklahoma has needed a league that provides a competition level of play without the travel.

We will start the season off with the 5man Classic. This event will be held at our North location in Guthrie, Ok and played on our Hyperball field. You can't get any more classic than that! oh wait, it's also mech or 5.5bps (ICC Rules). This is a OPEN event. Meaning anyone can play. So stack your teams! Max 8 players per roster. 

Entry Fee for this event is $500 and will have a cash payout for 1st-3rd with other prizes. Event paint only! $50/case. Round Robin Format

The Duel 1v1 Championship is a way to find out who the best player is. We know there are teams that have star players but they don't shine in a team setting. This is a way to showcase your talents and see if you have what it takes to be a true individual champion. We will have 2 different divisions. Amateur Division will be D4 APPA rank and lower. The Open Division will be D3 APPA and higher. You will not gain APPA point with this event. You will need to provide APPA number when registering so we can check rank. 

This event can be ran in different formats, depending on participation. We will release the format and info before each event. 

Entry Fee for this event is $100. Will have cash payout 1st-3rd with other prizes. Event paint only! $60/case. 

To top off the APL we have added the Bricktown Brawl 3man! These events will be played on same weekend at the 1v1 Duel. 3man format is great for entry level players and with growing teams from the ground up! This first event will be capped at 16 teams. (nobody likes playing in the dark). Played as a Race2 format.  The Bricktown Brawl will be APPA D4 and lower with the ability to have 1 D3 or higher player on your roster. Rosters are capped at 5 players. You will not receive APPA points for this event but will need to provide your roster and APPA ranking at registration. This will help us confirm your ranking. We will use the modified NXL Rules with a firing mode and BPS the same. NXL Firing mode and 10.5bps. 

Entry Fee for this event is $250 with cash payouts 1st-3rd along with other prizes. Event paint only! $50/case

Avid Paintball 3man tournament
Mechanical Paintball Tournament
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