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How it all got started

First time playing Paintball? History behind Paintball, and why everyone should play! 

Paintball in it's first stage was used for trailblazing and marking cattle. Then in the early 1980's it was transformed into a game designed with one main objective of marking/eliminating the players of the opposing team. Now with years of evolution under it's belt, Paintball has developed into two different genres. The Scenario/Recreational side and the Tournament/Speedball side. The equipment that you must have to participate in Paintball are the Paintball Marker, Paintball Hopper, Compressed Air Tank, Safety Goggles, and Paintballs. 

Throughout the years, Paintball has gone from a recreational game to a extreme sport. With different ideas and products that have also helped Military and Police training. Paintball is action packed game that raises your adrenaline and makes you think on your feet. Game plans are useful but if things fall apart, you must adapt and overcome. Paintball is not only a fun sport to play or watch but it also good for team building. We accommodate corporate groups who want to strengthen their team building and communication within their office. Did we mention that its amazing for physical activity? Moving your body is a great way to get into shape and to stay healthy. Aside from the physical benefits, statistically speaking Paintball is one of the safest sports you can participate in at any age. 

Paintball is commonly played outside with on fields/maps that utilize the fields "natural terrain". Avid Extreme Sports takes this and we put our spin on it. We use Mother Nature and apply buildings, concrete structures, towers, shipping containers, to provide the most uniquely designed fields in the area. With two different locations available, we are able to suite any players needs. 

Typically games last anywhere from 10-15 min, depending on group size and game types. The Paintball markers are set at 280fps (Feet Per Second), whether you rent or have your own equipment. 

First time visiting one of our Parks? Here are some things that might help you on planning your event. 

After booking your party or group, there are a couple of things that you will want to bring as well as items not to bring. To start off you will be playing outside so you will need to bring clothing and shoes that you do not mind getting dirty. Shoes need to be closed toe and offer support to the player. Open toe shoes such as sandals or flip flops are not allowed at either facility. With the different types of terrain it is in your best interest to have a shoe with some type of tread. If you are wanting or looking for Paintball branded clothing, we have pro shop on site for your needs. 

Long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts are ideal but you are more than welcome to wear short sleeved shirts. Pants can be jeans, athletic pants, sweatpants or any type of full legged pants. It is not recommended to wear shorts. All clothes must be appropriate, please no clothing with vulgar or obscene language. **PRO TIP**Paintballs are water soluble, Non Toxic, and biodegradable. The paint will wash out of all your clothes, hair, car seats but it is always wise to bring a change of clothes and a trash bag to put dirty clothing in. 

If this is your first time playing Paintball at one of our parks there are a couple of easy steps that need to be done first. First thing is to fill out your waiver. Every player or viewer will have to fill out a waiver. After that you are ready to check in for your party. If you had a reservation with us you will have already chosen your package. If you are wanting to change anything, now is the time. After this point Avid will take over. Players will be given a safety briefing by one of our staff members, usually your host of referee. Once the safety briefing is done, you will receive your Paintball equipment and are ready to start playing. Each group or party will have a certified host that will walk you throughout the park giving you different objectives, depending on the field. 

Each and every Avid employee goes through a training program to ensure that your Paintball experience with us is amazing!! While we want to make your experience awesome, we also make safety the priority. There are always plenty of staff members around, so if you have a question or need anything, please feel free to ask. 

Low-Impact Paintball (50cal) 

Low Impact Paintball at Avid Extreme Sports is becoming very popular with kids and Adults alike. What better way to experience Paintball with more FUN and less sting. Low Impact Paintball uses a smaller caliber of Paintball (50cal) that travels at a reduced velocity over the standard (68cal) Paintball. In turn giving the players a better experience with less impact. Avid uses the highest quality Low Impact equipment and Paintballs available to ensure that you enjoy the sport of Paintball without the fear of being hit. Although Low Impact Paintball was designed for the younger player, it has been very popular among adults. If you have any unanswered questions about our Low Impact options, please feel free to contact us. 

paintball at avid


paintball rental equipment
rental paintball loader
jt rental goggle
tippmann paintball tank





Tippmann FT-12 paintball marker. Compact  and lightweight. Semi automatic function.

200 round loader that is connected to paintball marker

JT Premise paintball Goggle. Protects the full face, ears, forhead. They are adjustable , one size fits all. 

Compressed air tank that helps shoot the paintball. They are attached to marker and can be refilled. 


weekday paintball package


Book a weekday private paintball party Monday through Friday 10am-4pm. Includes a designated host and complete access to the park.

low impact paintball packages


Low Impact paintball is the new craze among the younger players. Experience the same fun as the standard 68cal but with less impact.

sunday paintball package


If you open to booking on Sunday's check out this package. It's an all inclusive party that wont kill the bank. 

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