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Avid Extreme Sports Park has gone the extra mile to provide area youth groups a safe and affordable day trip guaranteed to receive rave reviews! This unique and exciting package has been discounted to make it affordable for groups with tight budgets, so please call to get these super low prices. These outings are available to organized youth groups only (church groups, park districts, schools, athletic clubs, etc). Please call us for more information for the custom rates for your Youth Group! 

school youth group paintball

Are you a youth minister or coach of a school sport? Build your team with paintball. Does your sport have a year end party? Enjoy the year end with avid and play paintball. Larger groups please contact us for rates. 

We have been providing schools and churches a place to have parties or gatherings for years. Come see why others chose Avid Paintball Park

Know what your getting into. Check out our park amenities and playing fields!


tippmann rental paintball marker
rental paintball loader
jt rental paintball goggle
tippmann rental paintball tank





Tippmann FT-12 Paintball Marker. Compact  and lightweight. Semi automatic function.

200 round loader that is connected to Paintball marker

JT Premise Paintball Goggle. Protects the full face, ears, forhead. They are adjustable , one size fits all. 

Compressed air tank that helps shoot the paintball. They are attached to marker and can be refilled. 

Our rental equipment is not only rugged and tough, it's back by some of the best manufactures in paintball. We have over 30 + years of experience in Oklahoma paintball. Rent with confidence at Avid Extreme Sports Park. If you have your own equipment but just need one item? We rent items individually as well. All of our rental packages include paintball marker, safety goggles, 200rd loader, compressed air tank, and barrel cover.

rental barrel cover

If you are visiting Avid Extreme Sports Park and have your own equipment, we require barrel covers. The original barrel plugs are no longer allowed. If you are needing one, no worries. Check out our on site proshop.

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