Paintball Events Near You

Avid Extreme Sports Park is everything Paintball. We promote and host multiple events a year that range from 100 to 500 plus players. We open the entire paintball park for multiple days of intense fun.  We are always changing and upgrading our fields to make each event unique.  Experience Paintball like never before with our special events. 

Scotty D's Annual Pew Pew & Poo Poo

Paintball & Chili Cookoff!


Scotty D's Pew Pew & Poo Poo is back for the 4th year and is scheduled for January 23rd, 2021!! Last year we had over 20 participants in the chili cookoff and over 120 players! This year we have multiple game types planned and as always giving the Chili Champ a 1 of kind trophy and a crisp $100 bill. Come play, eat Chili, laugh and enjoy! 



Season 1 Africa

Join us for a World War 2 themed battle across the sands of Northern Africa. The Allied forces commanded by the legend himself General Patton are going up against a strong Axis force led by General Field Marshall Rommel. This matchup never happened in real life, but we are taking historical elements from battles that each side was in and combining them into a what will for sure be an action-packed weekend.

Do not forget Saturday nights “HANG” will be Casino Carnival. We will have our casino games going for tickets as well as your favorite Carnival/Fair deep-fried deserts.

Avid's Beach Bash 2021


beach bash 2021 2day.png

Beach Bash is back and better than ever. Every year we deliver a new and exciting game theme. This year we have spiced things up a bit and we will have the Battle Of The Big Cats!!

Our Commanders for this game are none other than Tim "Exotic" Land and that B!+c# Amanda "Carol" Gilliland. Mr. Exotic will be trying to take back is Big Cat property from Carol with crazy and fun missions. These two will heat up the day and deliver one of the best Beach Bash events to date. 

This battle is set for August 14th-15th, 2021

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Yesterday's Heroes.png

Our annual fall game is now "HEROES," presented by Action Scenario Events. Join us October 2nd-3rd for an awesome weekend of paintball fun. "Yesterday's Heroes" takes place in crime-ridden Vice City during the 80's. It's time to clean up the town, so we called in two of the most iconic cop duos of the time. Joe "Riggs" Perez, joined by Steve "Murtaugh" Solo, are heading up the Red side. They are competing with Rolly "Crockett" Simsuangco and Jonathan "Tubbs" Seal to see who really are the TOP COPS.   

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