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Paintball Events Near You

Avid Extreme Sports Park is everything Paintball. We promote and host multiple events a year that range from 100 to 500 plus players. We open the entire paintball park for multiple days of intense fun.  We are always changing and upgrading our fields to make each event unique.  Experience Paintball like never before with our special events. 

2023 Event Schedule

scenario game flyer
beach bash 23 new flyer.png
avid paintball scenario


Scenario games are one of the most fun times you can have while playing paintball. Our games span across the entire playing area at our North location (Guthrie, OK). Play on over 60 acres of themed fields with tons of objectives and locations to control. We specifically design our playing fields to flow together when we the entire park is in use. We add or update objectives and build up locations yearly so there is a different look every time you play. 

We offer 3 scenario games a year with our Spring/Summer game, Fire 4 Effect. This is a global domination game with the ability to capture everything and leave nothing. Designed after the board game Risk with added elements to make it a fun, interactive, paintball game. Next is our Summer game, Avid's Beach Bash. This is a 1 day game that is fun for the whole family. We do session play for this game. This allows everyone to play the entire day and not be bothered by the heat. 

We close out the year with our largest game, HEROES! Coming to you at the first weekend of October its the perfect weather for paintball. We lock in great commanders and release new features every year for this game. This the game of the year were we don't hold anything back. If you are going to play 1 game this year, this would be the one you want to attend.

Want to be in the know about all of our games? We do a lot with our Facebook Groups! Join and get all the first up to date information, deals, upgrades and more! Not on Facebook? That is ok, we have you covered. Join our Email list and receive the dame information just a step behind. 

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