Avid Extreme Sports Park is everything Paintball. We promote and host multiple events a year that range from 100 to 500 plus players. We open the entire paintball park for multiple days of intense fun.  We are always changing and upgrading our fields to make each event unique.  Experience Paintball like never before with our special events. 

Avid's beach bash has become a huge fan favorite. We included water sports, paintball, and volleyball together for a fun filled day of fun in the sun. This years theme is the "The Goonies", missions and objectives based around the movie along with a mandatory break for water games and Top Gun Volleyball contest. Get ready to have a blast with this unique big game! 

Join in on all the fun times for this game. Get to know all the players and up to date information regarding Avid's Beach Bash 2020.

Tombstone 7 is set for October 3rd-4th 2020!

Last year was a barn burner with the Law defeating those pesky Cowboys. Will the Law continue to govern the streets of Tombstone or will the Cowboys muster up and take back their town? 

Tombstone Paintball Scenario

  Get involved in all the action and join player roles. Be a gunslinger, gambler, or even a stage coach! This is a 2 day game with FREE camping Friday and Saturday night. Sneaky Pete will be in the kitchen cooking up his delicious concoctions of food fusion. Seriously don't sleep on the meal plan, it's delicious. The BDS Crew will be back for their infamous lip sync battle and a new panel of judges. Pre-register to get savings and be entered into a private prize drawing. Visit Viper Paintball website for game rules and specific information. 



This year both teams have brought in heavy hitters for their commanders. The Law will be backed by non other than William Crook of Mad Frog Militia. He is cool, calm, and collective under pressure. Has huge wins and tons of experience in the box. William hails from Michigan and has a huge following, a militia of Mad Frogs you could say. 

Sebastian Seabass Alvarez of Cobra Paintball has been called in by the Cowboys to take back the city of Tombstone. He is known around these parts to be a savage on the field and even more so in the box. This guys record is strong as oak and he is arguably one of the best to do it.  

This event will be one for the record books. These heavy hitters will be sure to "light up the night". Come join hundreds of players from all over the country in this epic battle of Law vs Cowboys

1st Annual Scotty D's Go Splat-Get Fat 

Paintball w/ Mac & Cheese Cookoff!

Get ready for paintball and Mac & Cheese!!! Seriously who does not like either of the two? This is a great combination at the perfect time of the year! Get your belly full of yummy goodness and while your here, might as well play a little bit of paintball! We will have a panel of judges and the winner will take home a event trophy and chrisp $100 bill! 

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