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Get All Your Additional Items  In One Place

Check out the armory if your needing additional items. We stock all current items and have a full line of extra goodies. Get into a situation and need a paint grenade? Stop by the armory before entering the battle. 

paintball protection
Avid 2024 pricing

Depending on your package, you may need to pick up some needed items. You can always purchase additional paintballs at any time. No need to reserve any of these items. We always have plenty of product on hand. 

air fills


Enjoy up to 4500psi air fills at either location. 

Air is the most essential part of playing paintball. Having a reliable source of  air is vital to a great paintball experience. So please enjoy up to 4500psi air fills at Avid Extreme Sports Parks.

Depending on your package or if using a discount coupon, you may have a air charge. It is a one time fee of $10/per player.

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