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Tombstone 2020

Tombstone scenario has come to an end. Team and player from all over the country were represented at this years event. Over 500 player strong, they gathered to play on the dusty streets of Tombstone for 2 days. It was a battle of epic proportions.

The gates open at High Noon on Friday. Players flooded the gates to claim their land for the weekend. We like to keep it Wild West style and camping is first come first served. Check in began at 4pm with all the early bird and pre registrations. We did it a little different this year. We moved all check-in outside to comply with social distancing. We ended at 9pm but the festivities will go on thought out the night.

Friday night festivities started off with a wing eating competition, hosted by Bob White paintball. They had over 10 contestants that competed and one 1 would be crowned champion!

Team Monster Killers was turning 5 years old at this event. These guys have grown and become one of the top teams in this area. Known for their shenanigans on and off the field l. They love to sling paint and have a good time. They had a MK VIP room that people could attend, if you knew the right person...

The partying would go until well in the the morning. Since game on does not start till 12, these guys needed to release some tension.

Saturday was here and people piled in for the brunch that Sneaky Pete was preparing. As the sun started to show, so did the people. We had more people walkon for this game than in previous events and it was turning out to be a very BIG game. When you hit 500 players there is a weird rumble that shakes the ground. Players thirsty for paintball!!

Game on at Noon on Saturday. Earps be the Cowboys. It was on Tombstone 2020 was finally under way. The casino is open and everyone was playing their role.

We changed the field of play a ton this year and it look to be a hit. No more spawn trapping or punching one side in the whole time. It was a even slug match the entire day. At the end of day 1. The cowboys had a 100 point lead on the earps. That is the closest point spread we have ever had. In 7 years of Tombstone it was by far the most matched event.

Stand down was at 7pm. Now is the time for all the fun and off the field activities to take place. We do a Lip Sync battle every year and this one was one of the best. Sneaky Pete was serving up a TON of brisket and pulled pork burritos. These things were so big they would barely fit on a plate.

After the lip sync battle Studio 33 hosted a cornhole tournament that had some good and not so good players. Making it an easy win.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The event was reaching the 3rd day. It’s time to settle this once and for all. Will the earps keep the streets of tombstone safe or will the cowboys take it back.

After all the missions, scores, final battle the Cowboys pull out the win!!

It was a long fraught battle and the cowboys are the champions of Tombstone 2020.

Till next time!

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