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Scotty D’s Pew Pew & Poo Poo Wrap Up!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Scotty D’s Pew Pew & Poo Poo 2020 was a success!! We had over 100 players attend with 23 chili entries!! there was fun game missions all day with nothing but smiles and full tummies. The chili contestants brought their A-Game as judging was super difficult. The 23 players/participants from all over brought their family recipes and crockpot concoctions to make this a difficult contest.

We had 3 judges this year with 2 standard and 1 guest judge. This years guest judge was Don MacIntosh. He is a huge Avid supporter and is loved by everyone for his unbiased opinion and straight shooter advice. Man of many legends and adventures, he is a perfect fit for this years guest judge. John Hubbard was the 2nd of judges because he loves chili and has a salty tongue for flavor. To top off the trio of judges was none other than himself Scotty D. After all this event was his idea.


After a grueling hour of eating delicious chili, the judges made their decision and it was a chicken, venison, been, traditional chili. It had the right flavor, consistency, and makings of Best Bite Of Chili!! congrats to Chris Davis for his victory and becoming the 2020 Chili Champ!!

Thank You to all the participants and players that joined us this last weekend. We love the paintball community and look forward to seeing everyone at our next event. All American Hero’s Joes vs Cobra is June 5th-7th. Registration is up on the website under upcoming events-North. Check out the ASE package for all the game essentials for a smokin price!!

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