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Fire 4 Effect Scenario Game

This event is going to be one for the ages. This will be Avid’s first BYOP game. We have stepped out of our comfort zone and are allowing people to bring their own paint and First Strike rounds.

we will have paint options available but it’s BYOP.

We will be setting up each years game to be a different season. Fire 4 Effect will be the game and then each year we will have a different theme. This year is Season 1-Africa. Who will you be fighting for? Rommel vs Patton will be the leaders the year. They will battle it out for two intense days over countless missions and thousands of paintballs. This game is sure to grow to be a Fan favorite. Don’t miss out ok all the ground work

We will be having free camping again this year. The meal plan will available as well. If you have ever been to one of our scenario games you know we have a thing we do on Saturday nights. The Hang will be in full effect this year with Casino Night! Free and open to all player attending the game. Hang out with the community and win free prizes.

pre register is open till Monday May 24th at midnight. Save some $$ and get registered early.

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