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Building Upgrades

If you have been to our park before you know that half of our building is slabbed and the other half is rock with turf. Now this was not our plan but passed down from original installer. Something that we wanted to do for years was add on to the existing building. We have been discussing and designing for years but never really pulled the trigger.

This year was the year! We decided to finish out the rest of our plan. First off was to finish the slab in our building. We look no further than Rockstar Construction. These guys have been with us for a couple of year. Any bug job that we can’t do, we call these guys. Experts in demolition and construction, they are your guys. Now that the slab is complete, we want to create an atmosphere around Our building. so..... we are adding a 30’ by 30’ awning off the building and our in to our staging area. This will be the same height, widt, and pitch as our current building. This will give us more covered staging and the ability to have fans, lights, and other stuff outside. It will give the parents a better place to hang out or get out of the rain.

look for more upgrades to come as we are only getting started.

stage 1 is complete. now stage 2.

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