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Building Makeover

We have been hard at work for the last couple

of weeks updating our building at the north facility. We are always looking to improve your overall experience with us, and this project was well overdue. Started off just like any other project, planning, budget, attack. We quickly realized that we were going to go a lot deeper than expected. We thought if we are “getting involved”, then let’s get involved! First things first, spray foam insulation was a must. This will give the building longevity and create a more comfortable atmosphere for our guests. Once we got started on the first step everything kinda rolled into place. Next was installing new walls, trim, and baseboards. The look and feel the inside of the building is

really important to us. Looking at every detail and weighing every option. Our next major decision was color. We wanted to add solid colors that would not only pop but represent Avid. We have three main colors, Gray, Blue, and Black. Let us tell you there are a lot of options in those colors. After color strips, test paint and compromise we decided to go with Sharkin Gray, Cosmic Blue, and basic Black. We could not be happier with our decision and the way it turned out.

Our main mission was to create a better guest experience and to have better company branding. Before this project our building was cold, off color and pieced together. Now its inviting, comfortable and screams AVID!!

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