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Beach Bash 2021!!

Another beach bash is in the books and what an event it was. Usually this event is a 1 day game but had a lot of interest in switching it to a 2 day game. We had multiple campers that bared the heat for this epic game!

We had a ton of missions set up in a session style play. The heat is always a factor in the summer so we set up play to be in sessions. This will get the players a ton of action packed playing time without the fear of over heating. We had 45min to an hour break in between. There were multiple mini pools set up for players to cool down before, during and after game play. We started a couple of years back giving out free water to all the players. As soon as they come off the field we had staff handing water directly to the customers. This is not only great for promoter/player relationships but we can see everyone and make absolutely sure they were not over heating. This years beach bas we brought in a Dunk Tank! That’s right! A dunk tank. You could dunk your favorite person if needed or just dunk one If us.

The theme this year was Battle of the Big Cats! Tiger theme game that had Tim Exotic Land vs Lacey Baskin! Tim Killed it with the costume as he has been preparing for this game for about 6 months. Getting quotes and his costume just right! Carol came out with the W at the end of the game, thanks to her huge army of Logic Tactical players! They showed up in force and supported their lady for that bug win! After the dust settled the game came to a end and it was success for all! Be sure to check our Beach bash game every year or any of our other special events. Next Up is Yesterday’s Heroes!! this is our biggest game of the year and it usually has 500+ players. Registration is live for this game and we hope to see everyone there!

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