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Back On The Grind.

Since we have had some time off, we have been in the lab working on things to make our guest safety and experience top notch. We have been focusing on our South location in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Our woods field was the first to get upgraded. We have already installed new netting and poles along the boundary line. We added new entry points with netted boxes. At this time we felt like we have perfected it....

On Saturday we had a good size walk group and we noticed that the players would come out of the netted area and put their equipment on the ground. This is not to our liking. By seeing this motivated us to add an additional “dead boxes” for the players exiting the field. It will give them a area to place their markers and remove their mask in a safe place. Our projects start off like any other... discuss, design, budget, build. We purchased the needed materials and got after it. Took us about 8 hours to complete and we could not be happier with the result. We will be installing similar boxes like this throughout both parks in the future.

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