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All American Hero’s Joe’s vs Cobra

The game is almost upon us. Just under a week away from All American Hero’s. This is a game produced by Action Scenario Events. There will be multiple props used for this game that No one has ever used. ”Bomb Boxes” and shooting targets are just to name a few. As Friday comes and the gates open. Hundreds of players will flood the gates and claim their spots. We encourage camping on Friday & Saturday night. It’s free and option is available to everyone playing the game. Each game we do a special event on Saturday night called “The Hang”. This funny game brings multiple people together and there is nothing better than just hanging with the guys and telling stories. This years Hang will be Casino Night! That’s right, we will have a mini casino set up and everyone is welcomed. Usually our night time festivities are a little more than PG-13 but this one is open to all ages. Be a part of a growing community with the same mind set. Have FuN!! Casino Night is available for anyone playing the event. It’s FREE!! Simply buy in with a High Five ✋ and play fun style casino games. Win chips that will later be turned into tickets. We will do a drawling at the end for cool prizes. TV, custom game mugs, etc.

Friday night will kick off the event with a limited paint/magfed night game. This will sure be fun! There is no extra charge for this, other than paintballs. It’s included in the entry. There will be different missions and spots to control. There will be glow sticks on objects and obstacles. We will have a food truck on hand available for food Saturday and Sunday morning. Unicorn Snow will be on site as well with their delicious snow cones!! These will sure be a hit as the temp seems to rise in June. We have been working tiredly to get this game going. We were unsure of it even happening with all the things going on. But.... we are go for launch and not

looking back. We hope to see everyone there for the first annual All American Hero’s.

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