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All American Hero’s Closing

Man o man what an event! The game started on Friday when gates opened at noon. We had over 150 players at this game and Paintball is alive and well. Friday night we had a limited ammo/magfed game that had over 50 players. The temps were getting into the 90s and it was brutal on the players.

Saturday is the start of the game as game on was 11am. ASE and Avid teamed up to do something for the players that has never been seen before. We gave away free water to all players attending g the game. it was kept on ice all day Saturday and Sunday and hand delivered to players as they came off the field. It was something that went a long way with the players that I’m sure of was a relief. Lee Duncan would lead the Joe‘s to battle with his XO- BJ Ware. They had The upper hand the first day with a little more players Than the red team. Phil Ramirez did not struggle one time with any of the missions or the fact that he was down players. He powered through completing 75% of the missions and conquered the first day. Cobra was constantly blasting the scoreboard with points.

The players on both side battled through the heat and had a consistent plan of play and hydrate. They played all day from 11-7 to end day one with Cobra up by a small margin.

skip forward to 9pm where we had Casino Night!!! It was free to all players that attended the game and had a great showing. The majority of the players were licking their battle wounds while these kool kats enjoyed themselves with free casino style games where they would win tickets for prizes. Everyone seemed to love the idea of it and looks like something we will keep

in our play book. Sunday morning rolled around and the weather was much more bearable. Temps in high 80’s was much more favorable for Paintball that 99 degrees. Sunday Team Cobra continued the beating of the Joe’s with total field domination and trapping them in the box. The final battle would take place on lost city where Cobra got 96-100 points to Joes 0 points. Yes that’s right 0 points. Not a good showing for the Joes at this point. The game shortly ended at 2pm with after game report and awards.

The paint was on paint from GI Sportz and could not of asked for anything better. ASE did a wonderful job with the promotion and handling of this event and will be using them for more in the future. As for everyone else if you missed The game. We have our Beach Bash coming back I August and we look forward to seeing everyone there.

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David Pace
David Pace
10 de jun. de 2020

We had a ball, glad you liked the sign, and we’re already recruiting for Beach Bash and Tombstone!

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